Welcome © WARDERIE.COM  20102 Ex reprehenderit enim sunt sint nostrud in voluptate quis excepteur 01234 000000  With all the exciting things that are going on this year,the best way to keep up is to follow warderie on twitter and we will keep You posted! Text follow warderie to 40404 in the United States. Follow Us on Twitter     Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have designed this site to publish some of My art and reach out to the masses with My insanity.So browse around and enjoy some of My original content.      I am an amateur recording artist and animator. Adding the visual element to My skits and songs will be interesting.   Welcome to warderie.com A rock band that has been through time and space just to bring You the authentic sounds of the 1980’s. Their story is so fantastic it simply must be told! I am currently working on a comic and some animations to tell the tale.You are at the right place to get excusive stills and previews and excusive FRENCH KISS memorabilia. French Kiss! Here are some original tracks that I have made and animated just for Your listening pleasure! I make all of this stuff Myself in My home studio. I sometimes get a little “out there” but thats why they call me psychoward.so have a giggle and check Me out! Psychoward!